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After a long experience in the role of Film Commissioners, a group of professionals, having realized that film and TV productions need on-site support when shooting  "on location", decided to merge local Film Commissions into a network.

A coordinated system to enhance and promote "Film Friendly" areas throughout the national territory, also proposing  less known destinations.


To attract international film and TV productions it's essential to offer a guarantee of reliability and efficiency, with high standard services and professionals able to communicate in English, available 24 hours a day in each stage. Through a training course, the Network intends to provide the Film Commissioners with all the appropriate tools to adequately respond to production requests.


Furthermore, the Film Commissioners interested in developing a specific territorial marketing strategy, which incentivizes Cine-turismo and Product Placement locally, will also be able to enjoy a personalized service through external professionals recommended or associated with the Network. (I.e. Entertainment  lawyers specialized  in co-production, consultants for the negotiations with privates or for companies wishing  to advertise their products in the show, etc.)


With this flexible but rigorous system, we also intend to stimulate the birth of new local Film Commissions, in order to  give the opportunity to gain the know-how to  everybody  who intends  to promote their home-land as a  location or the local stories as content. Even micro-FCs, in fact, once equipped with the basic elements necessary to attract productions and using sustainable budgets, will have the potential to develop a new local economy based on the entertainment industry.

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